Rental Rate:aaPlease call Office at 559.298.4723 or Cell at 559.217.9283 for a quote.
Water Connections: aa30psi Garden Hose
Royal Flush ADA+2 #2
Event Capacity:  1-700 people
Perfect for:aaWeddings, Parties, Special Eventsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Our ADA+2 trailers feature separate Mens and Womens facilities as well as an ADA approved section that meets or exceeds all ADA guidelines. The ADA section houses an ADA accessible toilet and lavatory.

Electrical:aaFive 7m (25 ft.) cords with NEMA 5-20 plugs

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Fixtures:aaMen - One Toilet, One Urinal, One Lavatory
aaaaaaaaaWomen - One Toilet, One Lavatory
Electrical Connections:aa20 Amp, 120 volt, single phase 
Dimensions:aa24' x 14' x 10'6" Including trailer tongue, stairs, ramp, and A/C unit.